Sores and infection 10 days post injection?! Help!

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Sores and infection 10 days post injection?! Help!

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Hello forum,

I am an expat living in Amsterdam who has lived with hyperhidrosis since age 9. My usually treatments were with topical Drysol, as it was the only option that would work. I am diagnosed with palmar and plantar (hands and feet), and usually after a week or two Drysol would fade away and I would be back to the original, awful outflow of excessive sweating.

So I finally tried Botox here in Amsterdam. It was incredibly painful. I have a high tolerance and a history of serious sport injuries, but this was worse than any treatment, needle injections or painful allergy tests by far. I was crying after the first 10 injections, but I told them to just keep going. I was bleeding from every injection, about 25-30 per hand.

Afterwards my hands bruised a little that day and the next, and for those first 8 or 9 days by hands were soft and somewhat dry. It was still moist at times, but the issue of developing pearls of sweat had more or less disappeared.

On Day 9 at night I started to itch something I thought was a mosquito bite on the palm of my hand. A few minutes later another "bite" appeared and I itched it just like you would a mosquito bite. I woke up the next morning and notice about 4 or 5 "bites" in the same locations of my injection sites, and that's when I realized they were connected. The discomfort, sensitivity, and re-emerging pain from the injection sites started to increase.

The next day (yesterday) it was an absolute nightmare. Total disaster. I would say about 75% of the injection sites have flared up, like little red bumpy sores on my hands, from the palms to the fingertips. They itch, they throb with pain, and are so sensitive to pain that it hurts to even type this. Not only that but my excessive sweating has come back completely. As if I never received the treatment. Because it's so painful and sensitive it's even worse. Last night I was so frustrated that I decided to just stay in a bathtub until I could go to bed and stop thinking about it. I still woke up at night with pain.

This morning my hands are swollen, the marks are still there and painful, the sweating is also still here, and I'm left with damaged hands.

Any idea what happened? Where do I go from here? I've tried to never let this condition take my confidence away or make me feel hopeless (in my 30s now), but I'm at an all-time low.

I'm so glad I found this forum and website. I hope I can find some answers.

Thank you

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Re: Sores and infection 10 days post injection?! Help!

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Seems like some sort of allergic reaction? Did you inform the docter who treated you? I sure would ring them or your gp.

Goodluck keep us informed.

Gr thijs

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Re: Sores and infection 10 days post injection?! Help!

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Maybe the quality of the injections is bad! you have to see with the doctor

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