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Re: Psychologisch?

Bericht door Stijn1986 »

No worries. I don't take antidepressant drugs (yet). Actually I did try weed a few times but somehow it resulted in being even more depressed than before :( alcohol does work, but I try to stay away as much as possible from it because I don't want to get addicted to alcohol.
I'm pretty sure I got this now:
After a while anxiety will take over control. The sweat glands will get activated by the permanent fear of sweating, especially in embarrassing situations. A vicious circle: you will sweat just by thinking of sweat ...
I can't get things out of my subconscious mind (daily stuff; boss upset, too late for appointment, didn't clean enough, if I did that, this wouldn't have happened, etc.) which is pretty annoying, sometimes it's better sometimes it's worse.
My main issue are women though, if they show the slightest interest or they are just being nice. I start thinking about how I look and react (and a lot more), I might (most times) hypervent.

Paul P. Kopinsky
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Re: Psychologisch?

Bericht door Paul P. Kopinsky »

Hoi! Thanks for your answer. First of all I'd like to say: stay away from alcohol! In Poland drinking is a common problem, since ever. I used to drink with my maatjes even before school. I'm from the Danzig coastal area where it was not that bad but we had enough reason to start drinking everyday. I believe I was kinda heavily addicted already when I moved to Arnhem. Even with 19 years this is nothing special in Poland. However, I'm not saying that all polish people are permanently drunk! LOL

When I once began to study here I was pretty much out of my mind and I had no self confidence at all (-> lekker meisjes). I was like: How on earth should I manage to get through ALL this?! Foreign country, immigration, studies, tests and so on ... I had depressions and was close to leave Holland hastily. But I tried. Got me Trevilor (as mentioned) first. Then I started to reduce drinking tremendously (with a little help of weed), nowadays I enjoy my beer at the Rhine and that's okay.

Concerning my sweating problem, alcohol seems to be a "wondeful" remedy. As you may know, alcohol reduces the function of cerebral transmitters heavily (the more you drunk ...). As sweating is mostly controlled by the sympathicus nervous system, the perspiration will be reduced with an increased alcohol level. Of course this is the worst solution one could think of! After a very short time the body needs more alcohol to calm down (the sweating). One could get addicted fast. On the other hand, alcohol abuse will lead to damages of the nervous system (neuropathies). The sweating could get out of control completly. At last, alcohol and the steady feeling of guilt and craving will lead to the loss of self-confidence. Depressions and forced misbehaviours will occur.

On" onclick=";return false; I found something more on this topic: "Nerves and nerve tracts – especially as a part of the sympathetic nervous system – are present all over the body and they are responsible for transmitting the right signals concerning the bodily temperature to the brain. The sympathetic chain is responsible for controlling the sweat glands all over the body. In some cases, an affected functioning of the nerves may result in misleading informations, leading to excessive sweating. A major part of the central nervous system is the spinal cord which when affected by syringolmyelia, tumors or lesions may trigger the onset of abnormal transpiration. Peripheral neuropathies can also trigger Hyperhidrosis."

Got to go ... laters! :regenboog:

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Re: Psychologisch?

Bericht door archie »

Ik herken me probleem een beetje bij @stijn1986. Vroeger had ik er altijd een beetje last van blozen. Echter nu in inmiddels 22 ben word het alleen maar erger. Maar het is idd wat stijn ook zegt, de ene dag, kan ik me bijv. strak aankleden en voel me zelfverzekerd en zweet totaal niet. En zo andere dag, bijv. passen van nieuwe schoenen dan gunst het bij me voorhoofd. Omdat je er aan denkt word het alleen maar erger.
Ik heb nooit iets geprobeerd, maar ga denk wel binnenkort toch obadam bestellen en kijken of het helpt. Maar als mensen denken dat het psychisch kans zijn, WELKE problemen kunnen dat zijn? Want het kan natuurlijk van alles zijn, maar het feit dat je 1dag niet zweet en de andere helemaal kapot aan gaat, lijkt me niet echt iets psychisch tocH?
Daarnaast heb ik thuis zelden tot bijna nooit last van zweten, blozen e.d. Zodra ik naar de winkel ga is het ander verhaal helaas. :(

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